Windsky Yan

I want to be the wind blowing in the starry sky.

About me

Hello, My name is Yan Liye and you can also call me Windsky Yan.

一介書生。 無路請纓,等終軍之弱冠,有懷投筆,慕宗愨之長風。

Major in IC and Integrated System Design.

College of Information Science and Engineering, National Huaqiao University

Majored in Environmental Science and Engineering as a freshman.


Ye county Senior High School of Henan Province, 2018-2021

National Huaqiao University, 2021-Present


When I'm free, I enjoy:

Runing & Riding mounatain bike & Playing badminton and others.

Reading & Watching movies & Listening music & Photography.

Interest in everything full of S&T.

I also work on useful/useless side projects from time to time.


Studying Notes:

Terms | Links
Python questions bank | Hyperlinks
Based on LM386 audio amplification circuit | Hyperlinks
Come From: Windsky's blog
As Idiot, No Academic


Chewed by cats.


The National Encouragement Scholarship of 2021 Term

2021 the College Excellent student.


Email:yanliye2003@q.com / 1275069349@qq.com

QQ:1275069349 / Wechat:yanliye666

Computer skills

Ohters:HTML, CSS

Programming: PHP, Python, Basic Java, Matlab

Software:Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom CC, Google Snapseed

NI Multisim, Matlab, AD & EasyEDA, CAD